27 February 2014

Another sneaky owl...

Silver Screen Saucers

Messengers and Harbingers: Sneaky Owls in Fantastical Movies


  1. Those sneaky bastards are everywhere!! ;)

    I dunno. Maybe the production designers chose the owl as a subliminal hint to Ellie's intelligence? Athena references & all that...

    1. Quite possible, Miguel. Probable, even. Makes sense. But regardless of the prod designer's reasoning, it remains an owl entering the movie at the very moment alien life is first discussed. And it's looking directly at them. Kinda cool :)

  2. I have said this to Robbie already, and probably to RPJ too.

    There are two different options for how this came about. It could have been a very thoughtful decision on the part of the director, scriptwriter and set designer, all working together to add a bit of depth to the scene.

    Or, it could have emerged from the ether as a synchronistic symbol. It was formed from some elusive part of reality, the part that is trying to tell us deeper truths.

    Either option is worthy of contemplation.

    Mike C